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Meeting your needs for cost, quality, and on-time delivery

For more than 30 years, OneSource Solutions has offered the best-in-class contract manufacturing services from printing fulfillment to subassemblies for local consumer goods manufacturers and defense contractors. We've recently added Quality Inspection Services to our service portfolio. Known for our speed, flexibility, and quality, we’ve earned and maintained a strong ISO 9001 certification and can provide customer testimonials as to the caliber and integrity of our work.

Featured Testimonial: Arnprior Rapid Manufacturing Solutions Inc.

Over the last five years Arnprior Rapid Manufacturing Solutions Inc., a fabricated metal product manufacturer, has transformed its business into a full service manufacturing and assembly facility, Because of its relentless focus on customers – helping to bring products to market faster and defect-free – Arnprior has grown exponentially.

According to Arnprior's Andrew Mastowski, speed to market is very important and he looks to his suppliers to help meet the company goals. "Occasionally, we need specialty sorting and assembly jobs," said Mastowski. "Rochester Rehabilitation's OneSource Solutions proved to be a very cost effective solution."

"For our sorting needs, it was important that OneSource meet three requirements: in house capability, quick turnaround, and be cost-effective. They hit all three of our needs. There was great communication back and forth, and I received quick answers to my questions. Also, OneSource always looked at improvements to make the operation faster and more efficient. I look forward to future opportunities working with them as a supplier."

To learn what we can do for your business, send an email to

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