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Charles W. Goodman - ​

OneSource Solutions/Rochester Rehabilitation Center and Century Mold have had an ongoing partnership for ten years now. The work RRC has done for us has always been of the highest quality and they have proven themselves to be very dependable at meeting all requirements (quality, cost, delivery), all of the time. The primary project RRC works on for Century Mold is the final assembly and inspection of several defense related components we produce. As you can imagine, meeting Defense Department specifications and requirements require RRC to strictly follow processes and procedures every time. RRC has and continues to excel at this work. In addition RRC has always been very responsive to last minute Customer driven changes or needs. Whenever our Customer has visited RRC for audits or process improvement workshops, they always come away impressed and very satisfied.

Our current program with RRC is forecasted to continue for at least another six to seven years. We look forward to continuing to work with RRC on this program. In addition, we have and continue to have them quote other opportunities which we hope will result in the award of more work, to the mutual benefit of our relationship.

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To say that the incredible individuals at Rochester Rehab have increased our efficiency is an understatement. Because of their efforts, our team is able to keep our nationwide customer base more compliant and more efficient themselves. They're a wonderful new partner and we look forward to growing our essential relationship.

Carestream Health would like to recognize the Onesource Team for their dedication to Quality and Delivery. For the last 3 years the team has consistently delivered the required quantities, defect free, allowing us to delight our customers .During my tour to Onesource I was very impressed with the lean processes they have put in place, and the dedication of their employees. A great sense of pride and commitment was evident.  Great Job! Thank You


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