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Corporate Compliance

& Incident Reporting

The Rochester Rehabilitation Center Corporate Compliance program was implemented to emphasize the agency’s policy and commitment to those we serve and who are associated with the agency, as well as to ensure compliance with federal and state health care laws. The Compliance Plan is a written collection of policies with the intent to promote ethical behavior in the workplace and to reduce the likelihood of abuse, fraud, unethical conduct, and health care violations. The Compliance Plan clearly defines the agency’s focus and expectations regarding quality service delivery. This program is established for Rochester Rehabilitation’s board members, employees, vendors, contractors, volunteers, student interns, physicians, and other agents.

Rochester Rehabilitation is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity. If you have a concern about the implementation of agency policy, a potential case of fraud, or know of a situation which may be a violation of Rochester Rehabilitation’s Plan, please contact the Corporate Compliance Officer at (585) 334-6000 x1849, or call the Compliance Hotline at (585) 286-9221. All calls are confidential and anonymous reports are accepted.


Other Sources Links for  (you can see these on CP’s website)

Please click on the links below to access OPWDD’s Part 624 regulations, OMH 524 regulations, and the New York State Justice Center. If you would like a written copy of the regulations, or of Rochester Rehabilitation’s incident management policies and procedures, please contact the QA department at (585) 334-6000.


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