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Our Services

We are committed to helping people achieve their goals of work, wellness and independence by providing job training, wellness and post therapy fitness, mental health services, driver training, and adaptive sports and recreation. Our family of services encompass these values and continue to deliver results for our clients and the community. Here are some past year highlights:


  • Placed 112 people in jobs and 139 people in internships that will provide them job experiences and invaluable networking opportunities.

  • Provided over 150,000 hours of employment for people who would not otherwise have found work, and who now have the dignity of working and giving back to the community.

  • 98% of Ventures clients maintained life goals at least 6 months after they left the program.

  • 95% of DriveOn graduates remain accident-free after 12 months.

  • 94% of DriveOn graduates now have a license.


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