The Rochester Rehabilitation family of employees is made up of many dedicated and compassionate people, from all walks of life, who are committed to the mission to serve. It is a testament to the culture of our agency that so many employees stay for 10, 20, and more years!

At various times during the year, employees are honored for many things: their years of service, and also for being a role model to other employees. Please take a moment to learn about the wonderful people who have been recently honored at events that celebrate their success at Rochester Rehabilitation!

Roots of Excellence


Presented to recipients by Kimberly Carducci, Director of Mental Health Services.

Beverly Dodd
Beth Caton-Burm


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Service Awards


Presented to recipients by President and CEO, Mary Walsh Boatfield and Director of Human Resources, Sovan Im.

Kim Carducci
Jen Bellows
Marty Golub
Donna Smith
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