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Take your document management to a whole new level of efficiency.

Introducing GovDOCX, the newest partnership between Rochester Rehabilitation and CloudDOCX which lightens the document management load for your business, town, city or municipality by moving it to the Cloud.

It’s time to make document management simple.

We understand that the government staff in towns, cities or municipalities, deal with a tremendous amount of paperwork on a daily basis. And it doesn’t matter if it’s electronic or hardcopy, managing it all correctly is a time-consuming task. You need it to be both easily accessible, and absolutely secure. That’s why we’re proud to offer GovDOCX — a leading-edge document management solution that answers all these needs. We combine all of your electronic documents with scanned, electronic files of your paper documents, and store them in a secure Cloud-based system — delivering an immediate benefit of increased efficiency and productivity.


  • Permission-based, compliant, secure, electronic document storage

  • End-to-end management — from scanning to searching

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface

  • Fully-searchable accessibility


Not only will you free-up filing space, sift through thousands of documents electronically in seconds, and maintain the security of valuable records — you’ll also save time and money. When it comes to establishing a more accurate, efficient and secure document management system for your town, city or municipality, GovDOCX makes the process simple.

For more information or a live demonstration, please call Sara Taylor or Jen Bellows at 585.473.2052 or email or


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