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Canandaigua flooding called 'very significant'

CANANDAIGUA — Nearly 100 homes in the city and town were impacted by Sunday’s torrential rain, which saw more than five inches fall over several hours.

“The flood damage was very significant in the town and city of Canandaigua,” Ontario County Administrator Chris DeBolt said Monday morning. “The city, town, and county all declared states of emergency.”

Gov. Kathy Hochul also declared a state of emergency for the county following the deluge, which saw some neighborhoods in the city resemble large ponds with people kayaking or boating down the streets. According to media reports, residents at Happiness House in Canandaigua were evacuated when water levels reached the windows.

“We have a number of people displaced due to the damage caused by the flooding, and the county provided emergency shelter to nine people last night,” said DeBolt, noting county officials would be discussing the damage at a news conference Monday.

Sheriff David Cirencione said several roads in the town of Canandaigua — on the west side of Canandaigua Lake — were closed due to the flooding, including County Road 30, County Road 16, Cooley Road, and Short Road. They were opened Monday, but some city streets remained closed.

“People are urged to continue driving with caution, as debris may remain and some roadways have incurred damage, especially along the shoulders,” Cirencione said.

Local meteorologist Drew Montreuil confirmed that according to a Federal Aviation Administration automated weather observing system, 5.55 inches of rain fell Sunday at the Canandaigua Airport. According to the National Weather Service, 1.66 inches of rain fell in eastern Canandaigua and nearby areas.

While the National Weather Service reported 1.85 inches fell just west of the city of Geneva, there were no reports of widespread flooding in the city and town of Geneva.

DeBolt said other areas of Ontario County impacted by the rains were Gorham, Hopewell, Farmington, and Bristol. He added that the State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services sent personnel to the county.

A temporary shelter has been set up at Zion Fellowship on Bristol Road in Canandaigua. People impacted by the flooding and in need of temporary shelter are encouraged to call the Ontario County dispatch non-emergency number at 585-394-4560.

Anyone experiencing an emergency should call 911. According to media reports, one home in the city of Canandaigua had 10 feet of water in the basement.

There were no reports of flooding in Seneca and Wayne counties, where the National Weather Service reported rainfall of a half inch or less.

Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike said the only report of flooding there was a plugged culvert in Starkey. He noted that a marine patrol officer from his office on Canandaigua Lake, on a boat in the town of Middlesex, could see the flooding on the other side of the lake.

“Our officer said it was a downpour ‘gully washer’ and parts of the lake were brown,” Spike said. “We got a good downpour, but nothing like Canandaigua and Geneva did.”


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