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In our own words: ‘I am able to use my voice.

My name is Susie and I joined Venture PROS (Rochester Rehabilitation) in September of 2019. It took me a lot to admit that I needed more help than I was getting, but I’m so thankful every day that I did. Everyone from the advisors to the office team supported me every step of the way. I think the classes that most benefited me were codependency and assertiveness. I am able to use my voice in ways I have never been able to, speaking up for not only myself but others as well. I was able to become gainfully employed and then got into management at my previous job. At my new job I have made a lot of headway in the company, becoming the leader of my team within the first year there. I am working on lessening the stigma that comes with talking about mental health and creating a more open environment. I’ve even managed to win a few achievement awards! I owe the people at Venture PROS my life. Editor’s Note: It's incredible to see how you found your voice, excelled in your career, and became a champion for mental health awareness. Your achievements are a testament to your strength and determination. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Susie! Do you or someone you know have a PROS Success Story to share? Contact the editor, Stephanie D. Rodriguez, for more information on how to be featured in the newsletter!


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