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Career Training FAQ

Is the Bank Teller/Customer Services Training open to the public or just people with disabilities?

The Bank Teller/Customer Services Training is open to people of all abilities, including those who face employment barriers such as poverty, displacement, and lack of childcare, transportation, skills, experience, or education. To be eligible to register for the program a high school diploma or GED® (Graduate Educational Development) certificate is required.

How can I obtain a scholarship for the Bank Teller/Customer Service Representative program?

A limited number of Career Training scholarships are available to adults with and without disabilities, including veterans. To be considered for a scholarship you must:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED® (Graduate Educational Development) certificate

  • Demonstrate that you have worked with or are working with a counselor who has determined that you have the skills and qualifications necessary to successfully complete the selected training program

  • Complete and submit a registration form


When will I know whether or not I’ll receive a Career Training Scholarship?

If you meet all the criteria for the Bank Teller/Customer Services Training program, you will receive a call or email and asked to attend a brief orientation meeting. You will also be awarded a letter of acceptance for the Career Training Scholarship.

Is WorkForce Academy an approved New York State training provider?

At this time, WorkForce Academy is not yet a New York State Eligible Training Provider. However, we are in the review process with New York State to become an approved training provider.

What is your refund policy?

A student who cancels within 7 days of signing the enrollment agreement but before instruction begins receives all monies returned with the exception of the non-refundable registration fee. Thereafter, a student will be liable for: (1) the non-refundable registration fee plus (2) the cost of any textbooks or supplies accepted plus (3) tuition liability as of the student's last date of physical attendance.

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