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BenOfficial Goods

BenOfficial Goods™ is a start-up company created to help fill the gap in work opportunities for individuals of differing abilities. BenOfficial Goods™ provides meaningful employment to individuals who are supported by Happiness House, CP Rochester, and Rochester Rehabilitation. The goal is to establish rewarding work environments for adults with special needs that encourages, supports, and fosters their success in an inclusive work setting.

Founded by Ability Partners Board of Directors’ member Andy Bonafiglia, BenOfficial Goods™ is named in honor of her son, Francis ‘Ben’ Bonafiglia.

The products sold under the BenOfficial Goods™ name are created, packaged, and/or distributed by BenOfficial Goods™ employees, providing meaningful work which promotes a sense of accomplishment and pride - while earning a paycheck. Enriching the experience is a supportive, safe work setting that allows for the development of new relationships and a sense of belonging while learning the skills necessary to be a successful employee.

BenOfficial Goods™ presently carries salsas, nuts, preserves, and special butters, and recently added greeting cards created by the photography club at Happiness House in Canandaigua. All profits from the sale of these goods are returned to Happiness House, CP Rochester, and Rochester Rehabilitation so they may continue to develop and enhance support services for people of all abilities as they search for their own pathway in life.

BenOfficial Goods™ vision includes placing its products at small gift shops and grocery stores, and someday in its own storefront. In the meantime, customers can find the products this summer at farmer’s markets, charitable events (including CP Rochester’s 5K Run for Fun), and local festivals. The goal is to strive for a day when BenOfficial Goods™ can provide ALL people who have a special need… a very special job.

Visit for more information, a complete listing of available products, and ways you can help.

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