Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS) Opens at Rochester Rehabilitation

April 04, 2011

Rochester Rehabilitation is pleased to announce that the New York State Office of Mental Health has approved a new personalized recovery oriented services (PROS) program for opening on Monday, April 4, 2011. The new program entitled, Ventures PROS is a personalized recovery program designed to help people overcome mental health challenges, live well, and balance life roles. The program is located at 975 Elmwood Avenue.

"This is a terrific accomplishment," said Cynthia Huether, President and CEO of Rochester Rehabilitation. "It has been an 18-month process with many challenges along the way. Our team has worked hard to achieve this. When we open we will be the second largest program in Monroe County with nearly 150 participants."

A core element in the program is an individual recovery plan (IRP). An IRP is a roadmap that helps people move towards work, social, living, and learning goals they want to achieve in the program.

"The Ventures PROS team knows how difficult taking the first steps towards recovery can be," said Huether. "They are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our clients and making this program a success."

Since 1919, Rochester Rehabilitation has been meeting the needs of people with disabilities and other disadvantages in the community. As Rochester continues to feel the effects of the nation’s economic distress, there is an increased need for the social, health and employment services Rochester Rehabilitation provides. Annually, more than 5,000 people receive services, or participate in programs at Rochester Rehabilitation.

Rochester Rehabilitation is proud to be one of the original founding members of the Al Sigl Community of Agencies – a collaborative partnership of nonprofits committed to making a difference in the lives of people living with disabilities.

Rochester Rehabilitation is also a United Way Donor Designated Agency.

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