DriveOn Offers Senior, Beginner Services in Upstate NY

September 10, 2009

DriveOn (formerly Rochester Rehabilitation Center’s Driver Education and Training), the community’s driver training expert for over 40 years, has launched two new programs that serve seniors, and beginner drivers with learning disabilities.

“We are excited to be able to expand a very successful program to now focus on more individualized driving needs” says Director Frank Cogliandro.

“We can help both seniors who want to make sure their driving skills are up to date, and beginner drivers who may have a learning disability and can benefit from special training to learn to drive safely,” says Cogliandro.

DriveOn is the only comprehensive driver evaluation and training program in Upstate New York. Each year, DriveOn helps over 700 individuals with a variety of disabilities to drive safely and maintain their mobility and independence. Services include specialized evaluation and training, recommendations for adaptive equipment and vehicles, research, simulator driver evaluation, and evaluation for older drivers.

According to Rochester Rehabilitation's president Cindy Huether, "We believe the ability to drive helps people with disabling conditions to access vital health care services, employment, and other community activities. The ability to drive is a key to independence, mobility, and integration into society — both in social and in economic terms.”

DriveOn provides services in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and Utica. For more information, please visit our websites: or